Writer and journalist, born at Roccabianca in the province of Parma in 1908 and died at Cervia in 1968. Editor of the “Corriere Emiliano” (1929) and then chief editor of the humorous weekly “Bertoldo” (1936-1943), he then prepared himself for an essential and incisive project of clear satirical politics. First as co-director (with Giovanni Mosca) and then as director of the weekly “Candido” (1945-1957), he became famous as an author of novels and humorous stories (“Destiny is called Cotilde”, 1942) and above all with the series of the popular character of Don Camillo, a fighting , unbiased, anti-communist priest of the Parmense Plains, who has as an adversary and friend (so-to-speak) ‘Peppone’ – the communist mayor of the town.

From the stories of the character, gathered at various times starting from 1950 (“Don Camillo”, “Mondo piccolo”, “Don Camillo and his sheep”, “Don Camillo’s friends”, “Lo spumarino pallido”) and translated throughout the world in 142 languages, was turned into a series of very successful films (interpreted by the French actor Fernandel and the Italian Gino Cervi). Other works are: “The discovery of Milan”(1941, “Christmas stories”(1945), “Diario clandestino”(1946), “Italia provvisoria” (1947), “Lo zibaldino” (1948), “Corrierino delle famiglie”(1953), “Vita in famiglia” (1968). Giovannino Guareschi is buried in Roncole Verdi – Busseto where he lived, next to Verdi Birthday Place, from 1952 to 1968.



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